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Kiepie Personeel 2022-11


Candice Brand is the proud owner of Kiepie & Kandas Kleuters as well as the educator of the 3-5 year old “Little Jackals” class. Every day she experiences something new through the eyes of a child that makes her realize how a wonderful God serves us.

As a mother of her own 3 children, and 2 stepsons, she realizes how extremely important it is to entrust your child to someone who will educate, care for and love him/her when mom is not present.

She is the “Boss lady” who instills authority and respect in her employees and parents of the friends. Her class is ruled with a smooth hand and her friends thoroughly enjoy their jobs. She does not back down from challenges and motivates her fellow educators and assistants to give their best at all times. Her staff is her second family. Together they pray, they laugh and they cry (sometimes).

She has a caring heart and we are proud of what she has achieved in the 7 years of existence of Kiepie & Kandas Kleuters.


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