Kiepie en Kandas Kleuterskool

Our Program

Our daily program contains thematic and interactive activities that interest the Kindergartener and thus he learns without realizing it through play. Early Learning Development Areas (ELDAs) such as creativity, communication, early mathematical concepts, gross motor and sensory skills etc. are covered in our programme.

Parents also receive a weekly WhatsApp message that gives more information about the theme being treated. We also often have entrances and exits that match the themes to involve the toddlers more concretely.

Leesbegrip leesprobleem

Term 1

– Me and my school

– It’s my body

– Senses

– I live healthy

– It’s my family

– Here I live

– The people who help me

– People who are artists

– It’s my culture

– Easter

Term 2

– Road and rail transport

– Water transport

– Everything that stores sell

– This is how buildings are built

– Animals on the farm

– Prepared food

– Dairy and dairy products

Term 3

– Pets

– Wild animals in the field

– Wild animals in the forest

– Sea animals

– Scabies reptiles

– Ancient dinosaurs

– All ducks birds

– At home on land and in water (expansion on birds)

– Insects

Term 4

– Drops to dams

– Plants to eat

– Plants for the beautiful

– Trees are important

– Day and Night

– Christmas

–  Holiday time

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Nelspruit Privaat Kleuterskool

Summary of the ELDAS

ELDA 1: Well-being

  1. Children are well nourished
  2. Children are healthy and have a sense of good hygiene
  3. Children build a sense of safety and security (environmental health)
  4. Children are physically strong and show abilities and interest in physical activities
  5. Children build a sense of resilience (being strong and resistant to daily stresses)


ELDA 2: Identity and belonging

  1. Children are aware of themselves as capable and confident learners
  2. Children have a strong sense of self care
  3. Children build strong relationships
  4. Children have  a sense of group identity and a sense of celebrating differences


ELDA 3: Communication

  1. Children listen to sounds and speeches
  2. Children speak using different styles of communication
  3. Children make meaning by “reading” what they see, hear, feel, taste and touch
  4. Children record their experiences and ideas through language, sounds, art, drama and later on through “writing”


ELDA 4: Exploring mathematics

  1. Children show awareness and are responsive to numbers and counting
  2. Children sort, classify, make comparisons and solve problems
  3. Children explore shape, space and measurement


ELDA 5: Creativity

  1. Identifying, searching for and creating solutions to challenges through problem solving
  2. Identifying, searching for and creating solutions to challenges through play and make believe
  3. Identifying, searching for and creating solutions to challenges through visual art activities
  4. Identifying, searching for and creating solutions to challenges through music, dance and drama


ELDA 6: Knowledge and understanding of the world

  1. Children explore and investigate their life world
  2. Children explore design, make items and use technology
  3. Children explore and investigate time and place